The Origins of Tech Stewardship

Tech Stewardship was born out of 8 years of deep sensemaking by the Engineering Change Lab Canada (ECL). With a mandate to explore the impact of engineering on society and the role engineers play in our shared future, ECL recognized an even greater underlying need to account for technology’s impact crosses industries, institutions, and professions. Tech Stewardship emerged as a universal philosophy and practice for more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive technology to promote greater positive impact in our world.

Recognizing that the reciprocal relationship between society and technology meant broadening the traditional notion of stakeholder, ECL established relationships with leaders in strategically chosen communities, such as the broader “Tech for Good” community, challenge-focused communities, social sciences, and a range of professions. To fundamentally challenge reductionist and extractive viewpoints about the nature of engineering and technology, ECL consulted with Canadian Indigenous Elders and leaders, and continues to seek to centre Indigenous worldviews in the evolution of Tech Stewardship.

Tech Stewardship plays a central role in our efforts to decentralize our ability to innovate and create a more equitable and sustainable future. Recognizing that technology is an essential component of every aspect of our interconnected world, we emphasize the responsible and ethical use of technology as a cornerstone of our approach. By taking a systems lens, we ensure that Tech Stewardship permeates every facet of our work, from regional innovation programs to digital equity initiatives. We actively collaborate with diverse stakeholders, promoting knowledge sharing and aligning technology with the values and needs of society. By integrating Tech Stewardship into our work, we empower communities to harness the transformative power of technology in a way that is sustainable, inclusive, and impactful.

Partner with Us to Create a Brighter Future through Tech Stewardship

At Sustainable Impact Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration to ensure technology serves everyone’s best interests. We are proud to partner with Tech Stewardship and other organizations in developing and co-owning bespoke Tech Stewardship initiatives that address the needs and opportunities of specific sectors, professions, and regions.

By joining the Tech Stewardship community, you will help to ensure that technology remains purpose-driven, ethical, inclusive, and restorative. Collectively, we can build a landscape of Tech Stewardship that involves:

  • Industry: Crafting cutting-edge products, services, systems, and infrastructure with a focus on sustainability and social impact.
  • Academia: Establishing the intellectual groundwork for Tech Stewardship and nurturing the upcoming generation of learners and scholars.
  • Civil Society: Linking technology’s promise to the urgent challenges facing society.
  • Professional Associations: Reenvisioning the influence of professional networks in forging a better future.

Our shared principle of inclusivity guarantees that diversity and inclusion are embedded in all our endeavors.

Embark on this journey with us towards a Tech Stewardship turning point. Sign up to become a Tech Steward today and join a community that is committed to steering technology in a direction that benefits all. Keep in mind that genuine change requires a movement, and movements succeed when individuals rally around a shared goal. As Tech Stewards, we stand united with everyone working to positively shape technology’s future. Change is on the horizon, but it depends on you!

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