Embracing Global Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

We have been working with the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Canada and the Nordic countries over the last decade. We continue to explore how the different environments are changing and adapting, and how we can use our experience to help understand ways in which stakeholders compliment each other. Through collaborations with partners, we are working on how we can foster a greater systemic two-way collaboration between the countries. 

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to collaborate and share knowledge across borders has become an essential catalyst for driving innovation and solving complex challenges. At Sustainable Impact Foundation, we recognize the immense potential of open innovation and international collaboration to unlock transformative solutions that empower communities and foster sustainable development.

By bridging the gap between diverse stakeholders, we aim to create dynamic partnerships and facilitate the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise. Our commitment to knowledge sharing and international collaboration supports a thriving ecosystem of changemakers who can collectively address global issues and build a better future for all.


We are working with a range of Canadian and international partners who are working to foster an ecosystem for innovators to thrive. Talk to us to find out how we can work together.

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Ecosystem Development

Through programs such as the one focused on localized innovation centres, we are working with partners to build ecosystems in which innovators will thrive.

Market Research

Understanding the ecosystem you are looking to enter or partner with is crucial. We help organizations understand aspects of the Nordic and Canadian markets.

Direct Invest

Access to capital is critical to ScaleUp, but also as part of an adaptive innovation policy. We help introduce and guide stakeholders to financial vehicles suitable for their stage.

Mentoring & Advisory

We have mentored and taken on more formal advisory roles in organizations where we feel that our experience can add meaningful contribution.

Incubation & ScaleUp

We have run incubators and growth accelerators, and also partner with specific programs focused on impact in Canada and in Nordic countries. 

Network Introduction

In our role acting as an ESO for impact ecosystems, one of the primary contributions we provide is by making ecosystem or funding introductions.


If you are a VC or impact investor who is looking to get familiar with investing in European organizations, the Nordic countries offers an introduction in an environment which is very similar to the Canadian market. The Nordic countries are known to be extremely stable with regards to political and market stability, and they are also very experienced working with Canadian organizations. 

Each Nordic country has their own strengths and expertise, and we welcome introducing you to individual stakeholders, but also to speak to you about what industries matches your investor goals. The governments are incredibly supportive of impact oriented organizations, and also have access to Nordic and European initiatives and public funding, for example through programs run by Horizon Europe.


Investing in Canada

We work with capital associations, as well as with individual VCs, angel investors, and debt financiers, who are focused on impact investing. It is important for us to collaborate with capital that is not only impact and entrepreneur friendly, but also that they understand the space that they are investing in. If you are a Nordic investor, either individual or organization, we would be happy to work with you to introduce you to the Canadian ecosystem in a way that matches your goals and criteria. 

The Canadian market offers excellent investment opportunities for Nordic investors. Canada is a stable, growing, and competitive market, open to collaborate with foreign organizations. It lends itself well especially for matching with Nordic interests and competencies, and also to be used as a launchpad to increase presence in North America, because of the Canadian market and a mentality that is very similar to the Nordic environment.


There are clear synergies between Canada and the Nordic countries.

There are similar fundamental values, as well as opportunities that compliment the skillset and competence of the different countries. What is lacking is a systemic approach to collaboration, and that is where we come in.

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